Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Guys! :3

Here's a little advice 4 y'all:

Go out! Meet people! Carpe diem!

i know you'll be like... Dafuq:o but it's true and in summer break I met so many nice people.. Oslo was so amazing and the girls from that design university were so cute!

Meet new people,
Make new friends
So you can tell, 
Who are real ones 
And who are not

You don't depend on only 2 or 6 or what so ever friends... You can have many and then decide who are the real ones ;)

Life isn't easy but having people who love you around you and being yourself makes it a lot... and I mean a lot easier :)

Take risks,
Experiment (but be careful!!!),
Take challenges
Master them 
Feel good,

Be the one who you are under every circumstances!
^that is so important :)

Wow.. i feel like I only text about that one topic -.-
Haha se yaa l8r 


^ aye, Im so cute... Not :p

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