Wednesday, 10 July 2013


who are they?

well, that sounds pretty weird but still.. who are they?

They are those people you always chill with, meet in your free time and talk to... but not all of them.
for example:

they are always there for you and are likely rare to find. You can tell them anything and they will listen to you and will understand and motivate you. You can have fun with them, be emotional with them and think with them about your future.

they appear much more often and are really fun to be around. They can become part of your besties or just stay friends. (which is perfectly okay)
I would say the only difference between BFs and Fs is just that there is no unconditionally trust between the Fs and you. 

FF;fake friends aka Bitches that aren't really your friends: 
Those are the ones with who you can be friends on the surface but not emotionally.
Those are the ones that are talking behind your back or try to exploit you.
They want you to cange yourself. I'f you don't you aren't really their friend anymore.
Many times popular girls/boys are fake friends bc they want to have so. who can tell them how pretty or flawless they are.
Unfortunatlely they are many many fake friends out there.

how to hadle all those kinds/ how to know who is what kind:
Not everybody is the same.
You should weigh how to behave in front of others.
Don't act or change/fake yourself. Just ask yourself how far you can go for example.
But all in all:

Just don't think.
At least not to much ;)
The easiest way to find out who is good to be around is being yourself and behaving how you feel best.
When your doing that but feel uncomfortable, the other person probably won't get your BFF.

Watch out!
- Don't overdo it! Not every person is the same or as tolerant as you.
  When you are a very open person don't immediately kiss them on the cheek or sth like that.
  Touch their shoulder, lean on them for a short time (and act like it's just normal).. that singnals that you trust
- Don't be to reckless or thoughtless infront of the others.
  When you feel AMAZING but they have a bad day, don't show them how nice your life is.

those are just tips and advices for you, no rules you have to obey!

I'm writing this because this is a topic I'm recently thinking about very often.
I think it's difficult to find real real good ones.
So I decided to give you,a little help. (so, just when you needed..I don't know you in person, so I can't teel:))

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